K&P at ELSA job fair


K&P at ELSA job fair

A few days ago, we had the amazing opportunity to participate in the 1st Job Fair, organized by ELSA Athens, European Law Students’ Association.


During the first day of the job fair, the students had the chance to learn from our Partner, Nikos Fragos, our Senior Counsel, Sophia Mavridou and our HR Manager, Aimilia Antonopoulou, about the activities, culture, and values of our firm. Our trainee lawyers, Katerina Stathakarou, Tina Sofianou, Athanasios Christou, Vasiliki Maria Papanastasiou and Aspasia Stellakatou Loverdou, enriched our presentation by sharing their personal experience of working with us.


During the second day, along with our Partner, Vassiliki Salaka, we had plenty of fruitful discussions with law students who explore their career opportunities and are eager to develop further their skills.


Both days filled us with hope and optimism for the next generation of lawyers in our country.


We would like to congratulate ELSA Athens for such a successful event! See you all next year!