K&P's contribution to a more sustainable "common home", Earth


K&P's contribution to a more sustainable "common home", Earth

In celebration of Earth Day 2021 we would like to share with you our firm’s commitment to contribute to a more sustainable for our common home, Earth.


Starting with our own impact:

  • We have removed plastic cups, lids and straws from our offices, which will save thousands pieces of plastic from oceans and landfills over time.
  • We have established well ahead of COVID-19 pandemic a remote working program, thus reducing the carbon footprint of our work commuting and the energy consumption of our operations.
  • We pledge to continuously reduce paper consumption by printing only when absolutely necessary and to adopt and promote all technologies which can lead us to a paper-less future.
  • In the wider picture, we are proud to have advised in transactions which substantially contribute to tackling climate change and a greener future. Just over the last year we advised in the offering of the first euro high-yield sustainability linked bond (SLB), the first green bond issued by a Greek Bank, multiple projects entailing the installation of more than 1.000 MW of renewable energy, as well as the development of innovative energy sustainable buildings.

Let’s all remember there is no Planet B